Apr 23, 2011

A two-minute, 30-day workout: Is it effective? April's A to Z Blogger Challenge, April 23, 2011 “T”

Long about the time I'm turning 41, I can't help but notice a bigger quantity of “chub” and a decrease in energy. So, even if there was enough time to put the 90 minutes in each day to workout, there's not enough energy left to keep up.

This puts an old man like myself in quite a quandary. How can I age gracefully, if I'm not in shape during my younger years? Now I'll never be a senior model. Dayum. There goes the chance at commercials and TV, too.

Fortunately, not being a doctor, personal trainer, or any other kind of “expert,” I found myself talking with people other than “experts.” I only asked people who had achieved the results I wanted, themselves, and disregarded anyone who spoke based upon any other form of “authority.” Fortunately, my perseverance paid off in 24-karat gold cascades.

Two separate individuals, who will each go nameless, shared a training method which they had learned from the U.S. Marine Corps. Hey, if a body wants to learn the quick, simple, and efficient way to “bad-ass” ask a true “bad-ass.” Ask a Marine, right? They live it. Notice I said quick, simple, and efficient. Nowhere am I using the word “easy.”

Join me from day two on of my own 30-day journey with this procedure. I'm going to continue following the procedure I'm sharing in the upcoming description of an exercise which I've been told will get a body in shape within 30 days. You don't have to participate if you don't want to, but I hope you read along. This way, we'll all know if it works, or not. Fair?

Here's the procedure, as best as I can describe: From a full-up push-up position, place your upper-bodyweight upon your forearms, and keeping the length of your body as straight as you can. Keep your feet together.

Next, allowing your feet to also turn to the side of your choice (I do left side, first, myself) turn onto one arm and sideways, holding your fore-arm parallel to your body length, and holding your other arm up in an equivalent position. Hold this position for a full 30-second count. Breathing abdominally, and fully during this count aids this part of the exercise.

Then, come back down onto both forearms, all the while keeping your bodylength as straight as possible. (If you're already feeling it in you lats, you did well.). Rest on both forearms for a full 30-second count, controlling the breathing- fully and in the abdomen.

Finally, Repeat the first step of this exercise, but on the opposing forearm. Remember: Do a full 30-seconds, keep the bodylength as straight as possible, and control the breathing. Once you're done, come back onto both forearms, and pop tall! (Stand up) You're done.

The total time this takes is one-and-one-half minute. Allowing a total of 30 seconds for positioning and recovery, this exercise takes a total of about two minutes. Look, if you say you want to be at least a little more fit, and you won't put two minutes a day towards the effort, then quit bullshitting yourself about wanting to be more fit, and accept the slovenly fatbody. But not I. Two minutes a day, for 30 days, is all this method asks of you. You'll likely enjoy it so much, you'll keep going on after 30 days. It's that simple.

As mentioned previously, this is only my own second day on this regimen. It's do-able, enjoyable, and can be done almost anywhere with a floor. There is no equipment to buy, subscription to endure, or spam. All I'll ever hope from sharing this discovery with you (and my process, itself) is that you'll share me with others, too. Readers is what this effort is all about. That, and the chance to do some real good. But please, don't just copy and paste the text other places. The legal, ethical, and right way to share is to just share the link with others. If a preview is desired, use up to 1/3 of this post, and please remember the link back to here.

Before all is said and done, we'll also provide a “before and after” picture set. The “before” picture is taken, but I gotta get it uploaded with the “after.” Besides, I'm a bit bashful about my chub.

And readers should know: This particular exercise is the primary component of my fitness training. But I also go for an hour walk, three times a week. My diet is standard American fare; a couple salads a week, two or three days of fast food (Taco Bell), and otherwise – meats, taters, fish, and sweet tea. This is Louisiana, after all.

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sandilynnPetersen said...

This sounds a little like the exercise I've been seeing in fitness magazines. It's called The Plank, I think because your body remains straightened out like a board throughout the moves. I don't know if that's for sure what you're describing. My husband is pretty committed to continuing with the fitness center membership for the family for another three months. I'll be interested in seeing how well this exercise works for you. Glad I read this.

D said...

From everything I can tell, "the plank" sounds like this exercise. I'll keep y'all updated.

San said...

Had to read it twice to make sure I got it, so pics WOULD be nice, Donald. But I think I've got it and I'm willing to take this challenge. Thanks for sharing.


What's with the adult content scary message to get to your blog now???

Just sayin'...

I entered at my own risk and was not offended so all is good.

Thanks again for a great two minute exercise and another enjoyable post from YOU!


D said...

The adult content warning is because of some of my language.

Christina Majaski said...

I'd try it but I work out on my lunch break at the gym. I agree that pictures would be helpful.

BTW, I'm awarding you a blog award. Go here to get it.


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