Apr 6, 2011

Election 2012 Already Has Me Pissed Off! April A to Z Blog Challenge April 6, 2011 “E”

I wouldn't be so upset about the very real possibility our current President Barack Obama were probably going to be re-elected because he had managed some improvements in the overall health of America, but he hasn't. It wouldn't yank my chain that Obama will likely sit out his next four as a lame duck president, spewing his socialist agenda as far and as wide as possible, were it due to any sort of positive achievement on his end.

No, what has me wrankled about President Barack Obama possibly winning the presidential election of 2012 is it will be due to no viable political opponent coming from the GOP. They're just not going to introduce an electable enough candidate, who is going to have the good sense to let the gay rights, abortion rights, or other religiously-transfixed topics go, and get down to business.

Just as soon as a presidential candidate from the Republican camp steps forward, the third word out of his mouth is something about pleasing the Lord®, or “defending this great nation” from the “perils of Satan®,” or some crap like that. How about an opponent against the business-hating Barack H Obama, who understands principles like individual liberty, the free market, and who doesn't play with imaginary friends, as a grown up?

What if we, as a people, began demanding the political parties of the US advance a candidate to out-campaign Obama, and not try to pander to delusional extremists of any special interest? What a thought, huh.

I've already griped about this once.

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