Apr 5, 2011

Online Dating: Can mature, stable, sincere, single adults meet online?

Sure. You've seen them. You've seen the myriad of pop-ups for singles sites from all over the web. There are dating, ethnic, religion-based, lifestyle-based, and even income-based dating sites. And the ever-present “swinger” sites are still up!

Most of the time, a single consumer, looking to at least make a friend or two in the area, should be able to hope for some sort of sincere meeting. It seems, at least one person, out of the advertised “thousands in your area,” would be able to actually sit and have a drink with you...maybe lose at a game of bowling...or something. But no, after spending the membership fee on most sites, the most anyone ends up meeting is maybe a pen-pal.

Then a sponsor brought up maturedatingonly.com. Unlike most sites which are really centered around something or other which seems “naughty,” maturedatingonly.com serves only a crowd of real people seeking real relationships. The site membership consists of those only looking for a little fun to pass the time, all the way up to hoping to still find that one, full-blown, cherished relationship. They don't offer “the club life,” only “real life" singles.

2 Whaddya Think?:

UK Dating Websites said...

This is a wonderful post. These days people are extensively using the dating sites to find a perfect match for themselves. It has many benefits but on the same time it is quite risky too.It is hard to find out the true identity of a person over the internet. So guys beware and play safe.

D said...

It's just hard to find anyone's true personality. You don't know anyone until you fight with them. Maybe someone should invent a "fight club" sort of dating site.

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