Apr 10, 2011

Election 2012: Why I Really Am Afraid President Barack Hussein Obama is Going to Be Re-elected

President Barack Obama Will Find Himself Working Another Four, as a Lame Duck President, Sadly President Barack Obama has low approval numbers in slanted polls, but folks are carrying more wealth around on them, than they were during the Bush administration. Even those who have endured majorly catastrophic job loss are finding themselves employed again. Although the money isn't what it used to be, it is what it is. We make due with what we have around here, but money's not the reason he'll be re-elected.

President Barack Obama still has the majority of the "minority" vote. I get it. I'm also perfectly fine with it. I'm glad to see the chance for a non-European, person to have the chance to introduce African-American lineage to the American presidency, and vice-versa. But even with all of the intense emotions a racially-directed discussion will no doubt ensue, skin color still is not the reason he'll be re-elected.

Although the job has aged him, like it does all, he still carries televisable charisma, and will use the tv pulpit. He still, in the words of S. Colbert " 'looks presidential.' " But were Barack H Obama's looks to remain near "Howdy-Doody" state of perpetual existence, his looks would not be the answer as to why He's going to find himself re-elected, as America's latest lame duck presidential retard.

The main reason President Barack Hussein Obama is going to be re-elected as President of the United States of America in 2012, to serve out four final years of the greatest enemy American industry and business has ever known, because Republicans will not advance a credible opposition candidate. We're stuck, working with our Catfish-in-Chief.

While the country is in need of a business-minded leader on the executive end of government, who also considers our uniquely American, exceptional, individual rights, what we all too often get from both Republican and "independent" candidates, is someone whose beliefs get in the way of their political functionality. It's not some small group of men in Western Germany, Switzerland, or Austria who decide our chosen leader for each of the next four years. We'll be picking President Obama again, because Republicans won't leave the abortion and gay rights issues alone, and get back down to business.

Rather than get a money-focused candidate like Dr Ron Paul, or Donald Trump (Trump/Paul? Paul/Trump anyone?) the Republican leadership will advance a candidate who "speaks the right magic words" to the religious extremists in the country, thereby having the effect of getting support from other quasi-idealistic type public figures' support.

It would be nice to see the Republican leadership to rubber-stamp a presidential candidate for 2012 who speaks to the not-as-silent-anymore-majority of Americans. But sadly, no. The only opposition up against President Barack Obama will be an idiot, with several consuming distractions. Even if one of the "big 10" were to win, we'd only be worse off. And I am sad for it, sort of. Still, I have no doubt we'll negotiate our way around Obama, as the lame duck he will be, like we've had to, with so many others before.

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