Apr 2, 2011

A to Z April Blog Challenge April 2, 2011 B Believing in yourself is related to how much you like yourself.

There will be plenty of times the only support team you'll have in any solo venture will be yourself. This position of self-reliance will determine how successful you're willing to let yourself be. Like Mark Twain said “A man's got to accept himself...” I'm paraphrasing.

Whether a business person is willing to go through all an entrepreneur must go through is going to determine how often a start up capitalist is willing to take themselves to make their venture work. So liking yourself is of the utmost importance.

Remember that taking shortcuts, cheating, or otherwise competing in the most honorable ways possible, are whether you feel good about yourself or not. Take every chance and make the decision you know you'll feel good about making, in order to keep liking yourself, more and more each day, incrementally.

When an adventurous, heroic capitalist is embarking on an adventure of any sort, for profit and glory, one must always be their own best ally.

4 Whaddya Think?:

Loki Morgan said...

Found you through the A-Z challenge! :)

Loki Morgan - http://lokimorgan.blogspot.com

Greg Johnson said...

Awesome...wait, that begins with A. Nice post, Don.

Christina Majaski said...

I've found that liking yourself makes a lot of things work out better. The trick is figuring out how to help those that can't stand themselves figure it out.

M Pax said...

Great post. Nice bumping into you. :)

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