Apr 20, 2011

Pushing the envelope on a blog post April's A to Z Blog Challenge April 19, 2011 “P”

I don't know about you. But I've been too busy to post anything for today, until about 11:30 pm. But I'm not going to miss it, for sure. While most of my fellow bloggers wrote their entry for “P” way earlier today, I'm admittedly way behind.

But a lot got done, today. I've been in the middle of a deep self-analysis. I must determine where I'm keeping myself back from prosperity and success, so the journey must be made. I'm damn near 41, and nothing to show for it.

And, besides a somewhat fruitful self-analysis session today, we now have a pussycat living in our back yard. Pussycat starts with “P” too. Dang. Now I feel like Grover, which doesn't start with “P.” Thanks for following along. I'm going to do everything to make sure “Q” is actually worth reading. Also, I don't give a damn what Blogger says. This was published on the 19th in my world.

Patriot Depot

1 Whaddya Think?:

nutschell said...

The A-Z really is time consuming, but we all slog through it somehow. Great meeting you!


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