Apr 29, 2011

You might notice one less annoying pop-up April's A to Z Blog Challenge April 29, 2011 "Y"

Here we are at the “Y” point in this blog challenge, and I'm just now pulling my head out of my ass, and realizing what kind of chump I am for ever having dealt with Bidvertiser. I've carried Bidvertiser ads for years, even before the current owners, and possibly those before them. All this time, these bastards are claiming I've never, ever, ever received one click from a visitor. The odds of that being even possible are staggering. In fact, they're impossible.

I had a friend in another state click on one of their ads as a test, and even waiting four full days, I see nothing for it. This tells me only one thing: These bastards aren't giving me credit for revenue I've earned them! FUCK!

Now, if any of you out there on the Interwebz thingies hate me so much as to doubt what I say about these low-life thieves at Bidvertiser, then be my guest, sign up with them. No, really, do it. Even if you authorize their crappy “Congratulations! You're a Winner” pop-ups, they're not going to credit you for any earnings.

Bidvertiser is not interested in treating me right as a publisher, then they've no right to be anywhere near my blog. They're just not worth dealing with. I don't know what kind of criminal outfit they may be altogether, but it just aint worth finding out.

So, to my wonderful readers, I'm sorry for those annoying pop-ups in the past. I'm sorry for all the crappy, NSFW ads being ran on my blog. I'm sorry for ever having dealt with these thieving, filthy, dirty, low-lives at Bidvertiser. I hope they get raided by other scumbag criminals like them.

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