Jan 16, 2010

President-issimo Obama...

President Obama: Fix National Healthcare Before It's Broken!

Please read this carefully: I'm no supporter of President Obama. Anyone who's read me over these last couple of years and odd days has seen me publish pieces that rated an occasional angry response. I've called President Obama a various amount of names, along with all other politicians included, unapologetically. None of that changes.

But seeing that real-world Life is sometimes all about making deals with the devil it seems only fitting to try an approach at ensuring that a game played, is a game won. If nationalized health care is going to happen, then I'd like to see it be functional. If we Americans are going to have socialized health care, then we Americans need to show the world, how American health care can be.

Since it's not in my hands to determine how anyone else's world should be, but for mine, then all I'm asking for right now is the opportunity to make one simple (not necessarily easy) suggestion: Make it work. Read on to see exactly how I recommend we do that. First a little back-story Mr. President...Go here for the rest!

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