Jan 16, 2010

Are The Dixie Chicks Splitting Up? by Donald Pennington on AssociatedContent.com

Are the Dixie Chicks Splitting Up?
I like My Dixie Chicks Just like They Are Thank You!

© Donald Pennington

Some time back, country sensation The Dixie Chicks, made a few splashes in the shallow end of the swimming pool by criticizing our then-lubberly President George W Bush-issimo. A few of the waders were told they should be upset by the comments and so
they started splashing back at the Dixie Chicks, especially the beautiful Natalie Maines.

Hah! Betcha didn't know I was a Dixie Chicks fan, did ya? Especially that Natalie Maines!

In my humble (yeah right) opinion, it's Natalie Maines, that made the Dixie Chicks all that they were. Not that Martie McGuire or Emily Robertson are without talent themselves, but that Natalie was the fire brought to the campground. She's the flame that burnt their rear ends.

Is Natalie leaving the Dixie Chicks?...Go here for the rest!

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