Sep 23, 2009

So...what do you do about co-workers?

I've a lot of fellow writers. lots!

Most of them...and by that I mean 99% of them...are just lovely. Wouldn't trade any of 'em for the world!

But there's a small group of some of them that are so crude, nasty, and vicious, that they more than likely snarl when they tell someone thanks...if they're capable of saying thanks.

While here on the web, there's an obvious variety of types of people to interact with, and most can at least be negotiated with. But some are so tiny-brained, thoughtless, crude, rude, vicious, and ignorant, that it's all but impossible to communicate with them.

Every website, company, or group has a clique of these bitter-hearted types. And anyone wanting to write on the web needs to be able to identify these losers from a block away.

I'm not going to mention this pile of sh**heads by name. They know who they are. I do sorta hope they come over here and identify themselves by their vicious actions. They were dumb enough to do it one can only hope they didn't learn anything from the last time. I hope they do because this time they'd need to go blatantly out of their way to make an attempt at being libelous and vicious. And I gots a leetle surprize for them when they do.

Let's look at a couple, or more, of their favorite strategies. Shall we?:

  • 1)They attack and then deny the attack. It's not a lack of social graces when they do this. It's their strategy. In fact, shy of other forms of dishonesty, it's really the only trick they know.
  • 2) They gang up. They're simply not strong enough on their own. So a few of them make all the noise and raucous they can, whether what they're saying is honest, logical, or whatever, and they continuously dogpile. They just can't handle a one-on-one fight with anybody. A$$holes...I mean wolves...always travel in packs. You can always tell who, out of groups like this, is the 'big dog,' and who is just one of the followers. Remember the old-time cartoon image of a big bulldog, and the runty little companion, who hung out with him because it was the only kind of strength he could muster? Yup. There's usually a good three or four little sh**s, running around the feet of 'big dog.' They're comically weak like that on their own...weak and pathetic. Ha!
  • 3) They get way too personal. Once an enemy is identified, and a weakness is painted, these losers like to try to go for blood. They'll make comments about your kids. They'll make cracks about whether you're sane (in fact...these idiot f**ks can't resist such bait. If these sh**lickers think they can really drive you to suicide they'll try to...and then they lie about it later of course. Lies are all they know. Too bad they can't recognize when they've taken bait.) Their joy is seeing people in pain which leads to the next strategy...
  • 4) They portray the "innocent soul" first. Then when they get disagreed with you get to see their true colors. There's usually some sort of a reference to 'being a Christian' or equivalent bulls**t religious smokescreen. This isn't to say that everyone who exhibits symptoms of Christianity are like this. It's simply to indicate the simple dishonesty of a wolf in sheep's clothing. Real religious devotees will recognize what I just typed. This clan of wild pigs will maybe use it in an attempt to label me as slamming on Christians. It's that 'problem' they have with 'honesty' again. There's just no truth in them.
  • 5) They exhibit no social graces and then chalk it up to being 'plain-spoken,' or some other similar term, when in truth the 'plain-spoken' types are quite courteous. It's all just part of the 'attack and deny' schematic. Remember: Dishonesty and viciousness is all these folks understand.
  • 6) Rather than discuss any points of anything...all they do is attack the person. They do their weak-hearted best to attack an individual as opposed to discussing the points, merits, or demerits of any topic. Their one and only hope of victory is to have enough of the intellectually lazy around them who agree with particular buzz-words used.

This list is by no means exhaustive. It's just a few of the more readily recognized signs.

With any luck, one or two will come to this page and "ragragragrag" about how terrible and awful I am. Maybe they'll go for the "mental health remark" approach...again. Maybe one of them will come over and make a crack about my kids...again. (Yup. I'd love to talk to that one eyeball-to-eyeball...f***ing coward) Whatever the approach they take it won't be to talk like a human being. They're not human nor strong enough, to do that. These f**ks can only respond like animals.

You can also bet, dear reader that, they won't be using their real names. That would be too honest. And they surely can't be that dumb. Can they? I sorta hope so. I could use the page views.

1 Whaddya Think?:

Anonymous said...

I know who they are! I know which group you're talking about too! Really good move to not use names or to mention which site.

This group is just about one of the nastiest, most vile groups I've ever met on the web.

You nailed it with how they "attack and then deny attacking." LOL!

You tell 'em!

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