Sep 20, 2009

Top Ten Reasons to Just Decriminalize Marijuana Already by

Although I Touch the Stuff No More Here's My Position:

I know the subject of the possibility of legal marijuana is a sensitive one for most folks in the world today. I understand that millions upon millions of good people have been hurt by bad people on both sides of the law on this issue already. This is merely an opinion piece in regards to a very common social condition and I would strongly advise against the participation in any activity which is currently illegal.

(Personal discussion is also welcome in the form of rational, mature, respectful comments. Questions are welcome. I'll do all that I can. I'll even admit if I find myself somehow "wrong." But, can an opinion be "wrong," or can they only be different?)

You might even want to investigate whether it's even legal where you are, for you to be reading this sort of an opinion piece, in your community. I am presenting this particular topic solely for, the purposes of discussion as adults, at most, but at least for your entertainment, and consideration only. We Americans should all so exercise our freedom of speech.

It's time for America to discuss, through proper legal channels, the decriminalization of marijuana for personal use and possession. Doesn't it make some sense to rationally discuss reasons to legalize marijuana? There might be solutions to many of our country's ills by mere decriminalization. There is often more to the analysis of any given subject of unpopular topics than what seems apparent.

I'm not bringing up the subject as a wannabe comedian. There are serious issues we Americans are facing that can easily be solved by legalizing marijuana. And when I mention the subject, I'm asking it to be considered by acceptable processes first, and even then, still never the personal use of marijuana.

It's foolish to smoke the stuff. But we should consider exploiting the market. I'm also not in support of "drugs" in general. The only substance that, should even be considered as an option for legalization, is marijuana. Tobacco should be under tighter controls than marijuana. Ideally, folks would be free of any external substance requirements in order to live long, prosperous, fulfilling lives but reality now is what it is. Let's remain as totally objective as we can here.

Also, unlike 99.9975% of all other poster and bloggers speaking on the issue of marijuana legalization, I'm putting my usual name to it. It's something people need to speak up for if you're in support of the de-criminalization of a natural substance.

I'm just hoping that folks will come to understand the details of the points I want to make today and share their views. If we all consider the points made here more of you will understand why marijuana should be legal here in the United States.

Top Ten Reasons To Just Legalize Marijuana Number Ten

I'm a...Go here for the rest!

2 Whaddya Think?:

Lolo said...

Ever tried to run a household with a user in it? Been attacked by one, when it starts to wear off? Had to lock everything you own - even your toothbrush, so a user won't sell it?

D said...

LoLo That's an interesting response. Are you talking about marijuana users? Because I've never seen that. There are coke addicts and crackheads that do that. Fer sure...but over pot?

I dunno...nevertheless...I'm glad you're weighing in.

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