Sep 5, 2009

How to Make Death by Orange Chocolate Milk

Buddha warned me. He said "Desire is suffering." He was right. I want a glass of chocolate milk every now and again but going to the store is such a drag. Yet, here in my domicile I know I’ve all the necessary ingredients to make my own chocolate milk.

The birth of Death By Orange Chocolate Milk . . . at least I think it’s the first I’ve ever heard of it!

So, If I’m going to have to work for twenty minutes, then I’m going to make the best a man can make, and now I’ve the recipe for "Death By Orange Chocolate Milk" - so good your tongue will knock your eyes out looking for more!

While my recipe for Death by Orange Chocolate Milk takes the time it does for cooking and mixing (around 20 minutes at most), the end result is worth it. Recent medical news reveals that cocoa, in all of its forms, helps to lower blood pressure . . . so . . . let’s all relax and have a glass of ice-cold, frothy, Death By Orange Chocolate Milk.

So you know: If you’ve any sort of allergies to orange or citrus, just replace the OJ with water and you’ll still enjoy some killer Death By Plain-Old Awesome Chocolate Milk.

What you’ll need to make Death By Orange Chocolate Milk:

I’d recommend...Go here for the rest!

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