Sep 7, 2009

Come Join "Stinks2bme" on FaceBook!

Are you bored? Are you alone? Are you alone because you're funnier looking than a meth-head trying to find a job? Are you weirder than a four dollar bill? Are you one of those people who gets along fine with your friends . . . it's everyone else's friends you hate? Does it stink to be you? Are you the guy (or gal) who owes FaceBook friends?

Do strangers avoid you? Have you ever noticed when you're walking across the street homeless people pack up their cardboard signs and cross into traffic to avoid you? Witness any Mormon Missionaries fleeing anytime recently? (Why are you bitching and whining by the way? Hmm...)

Well if there's still a half an ounce of mature, sociable, civilized spirit left within you, why not join FaceBook Stinks2bme and we'll all help you drive the remainder of it out! At FaceBook Stinks2bme , you get to lay out your ragging, whining, sobby sob story to us all. When you're done you enjoy the benefits of a loving, kind, caring, and helpful support group.

Why would that stink? Well . . . It wouldn't. What stinks is that you also develop a crowd that comes along and torments you. Better put your "sense of humor" on under yer kilt there boy! FaceBook Stinks2bme members have a habit of coming upon you from behind and trying to slap you there in a figure of speech.

Since we are all well too aware of how difficult life can be, we have all developed something of a skin that protects us from certain 'barbs.' The beauty of a group like FaceBook Stinks2bme is that members get a chance to exercise that part of their own individual psyche.

Alison Lewis, founder of FaceBook Stinks2bme tells me that she and a few friends were out of any sort of worthwhile entertainment; shall we say . . . bored? (If I say too much I just know the woman will kill me.) 'Alison and Pals' wanted some sort of entertainment that wasn't the same old blase-blah, yet, didn't cost any of them money. So a FaceBook group was just the ticket! She continues on telling me the inner workings of the group only upon both of us receiving clear confirmation of FaceBook status . . . the secrecy of which is so well guarded that we never even mention it.

Alison also taught me that Stinks2bme is approximately two years old as of this release/post. The group motto was: "Rebuilding shattered lives one stupid comment at a time." Seems to work. As an "Exclusive" to this publication, the new group oath:

Standing with proper posture, raise your right hand, and turn your palm in. Give a hearty one-middle-fingered-salute, and repeat the words: "On my honor, I shall do my duty, to tell you just like it is, whether you like it, or not."

Impressive stuff. Would any reader not agree? Who on earth would want to miss out on this?

The focus seemed to remind me of just how beneficial it would be to all people, were everyone to have a place to go, to remind us of our own foibles, and fallibility. So on that note, I visited FaceBook Stinks2bme and have begun my own saga of the Bald Man. If you can find it I hope you enjoy yourself. Ideally, it would be better, were you to post yours. We want to read it. Give us something to laugh at--I mean with--you about.

FaceBook Stinks2bme might not to be to everyone's tastes, but that's actually one more advantage of the group too, though. On the bottom-right-hand corner, there's a link for those who feel that, life stinks and it isn't funny. The folks who built this group understands that sometimes life's one of the toughest things to go through. We're just here trying to make each other laugh. Nothing said on FaceBook Stinks2bme is ever to be held against someone off of the group. Be mature!

Even though, at the moment of posting this share, I'm only one of the personalities dwelling within our author tonight, my favorite part of FaceBook Stinks2bme is the 'Mental Breakdown Prevention' area. One click and you might just find yourself in near-accident mode from laughter quick!

FaceBook Stinks2bme offers a little more of the 'brown-out' time, as opposed to a personality ending up in complete 'blackout' stage. Anyone that deals with any level of stress in any areas of their lives, whether it's work, relationships, or FaceBook, will find it fun and educational and freeing all at the same time. It's like push-ups for your sense of humor. Who can find something wrong with that?


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