May 23, 2011

How do you determine a good Texas Hold 'em Poker bet

Texas hold 'em poker isn't such a hard game to play. Remembering the fold is your best friend, most folks out of a table of 9, can just last until the top three. But, how does a player determine when a good bet is worthwhile? That's an easy question to answer, it's numbers to the rescue, again.

How to determine a good Texas Hold 'em poker bet: Boost your success percentages by three times, by waiting. Just using a series of folds, regardless of the cards in a player's hand, will allow a patient sprorts-person to be within the last three or four players at any table. If the table starts with a total of nine players, for example, being one of the last three, maybe four players gives an increased in simple percentage chance. Texas Hold 'em poker is a game of patience.

How to determine a good Texas Hold 'em poker bet: It's a simple calculation, really. It's (prize) x % chance of winning, divided by how much a player needs to bet. Allow this example to help: If the pot is a $100 pile, and you have a 20% chance of winning, but the bet requires a $25 raise to play, then it's no good. ($100 x 20% = $20 divided by $25 = .8) Now, a $200 pot, times a 50% chance of winning, requiring a $25 play would be a better risk. ($200 x 50% = $100 divided by $25 = 4.0)

Any equation with a net result of a solid “1.0” or better is a solid bet, but still no guarantee of victory. The idea is to mitigate loss, while striving for victory on the winnable hands. The more wins a player accumulates, obviously, makes any series of small defeats survivable.

How to determine a good Texas Hold 'em poker bet: Bet cautiously on the first opening. This one is a hum-dinger of a tip. This suggestion lone has won entire games for some players (author included). When a player has been folding for a sequence of five hands in a row, then suddenly bets small, moist other players mistake the small bet for a sign of some imagined fear. Large bets will incline bluffers to fold.

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