May 22, 2011

In celebration of May, 2011 being my highest month ever, who wants to join me in a June A to Z blog challenge?

May, 2011 has proven to be my highest page view month for the blog, ever. I'm celebrating! Who's with me?

During June, 2011, I'm posting one item daily, each day but Sundays, for a total of 26 days. Each of the entries might be text, video, images, or audio. I'll decide when we get there.

As best I can, I'll try to keep my posting as current with the news as able. I'll do my absolute best to not suck as badly this time, as for the challenge inspired by Tossing it Out, from Arlee Bird.

I didn't mean to suck. It was my first challenge. They inspired me to do this one, in fact.

Whether anyone else joins me or not, I'm announcing this one early, so I'm held to it. There's no backing out now. If you do want to join, say so in a comment, include a link directly to your blog, and share this blog post, with as many others as you wish. Yes. One of my requirements for you to join me, is you invite many, many others too. (Or, at least some, right?)

As we each develop our blogs, our styles, and our niche, we'll only improve as writers, and bloggers, right? Of course we will! Our new readers and followers of today, are our good friends and chosen family, of tomorrow! Who knows who's out there to meet tomorrow?

The possibilities are endless.

As mentioned: Even if not one other blogger/writer/real world friend joins me on this anywhere, I'm still doing it. Heck. I'll do this, just to go end up finding a world of new readers, anyway. But, if you join me too, I'll promise you, finishing it will benefit you, in so many ways. Fear not! This is also a prime way to increase your new blog traffic. It works!

One topic daily, beginning with “A,” going through to “Z,” for each day but Sunday, will help you loosen up those writing valves, but you'll find your relevancy gets a boost in Google searches, too. There are only about a hundred benefits to you joining me on this. List your name, your blog, url, and title below in the comment boxes. Then, get this particular post out to everyone you know, and invite them too. (Using a link from your own blog is fine. In fact, that'd be awesome!)

Whaddya say? Join me this June? Please? Help me celebrate my biggest month ever?

Patriot Depot

1 Whaddya Think?:

D said...

Not one response. Thanks. Maybe next time, eh?

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