May 21, 2011

Who wants their youth, energy, and vitality back?

The challenge in life isn't always so much the willingness to get up one more time than we're knocked down, it's the energy to get back up one more time. Life itself, on a great day, can be tiresome, and cumbersome. Somehow, most folks believe, there must be some way to regain at least some of our original youthful vim, vigor, and energy.

Two major factors affect our energy levels. In our youth, these extra factors were easily managed, thanks to high metabolism. With age, a slowed metabolism makes what's normally a lighter burden, into something significant to bear.

The first factor is dehydration. Not having enough water, just mucks up the cellular mechanisms of your body. Drinking water is one of the key aspects to retaining high-efficiency energy output. One good approach, for those who just refuse to stop long enough each day to drink water, is to follow this simple plan, and enjoy a simple tonic with each meal.

The second aspect of regaining a youthful level of energy is to keep the metabolism motor running at high capacity. Most folks hear such an idea and immediately picture hours and hours in a gym each week. Not always so, said the wise old man to me, and we shall see.

Ahem Err, Were I to tell you there's a easier, simpler, quicker way to follow just one two-minute daily exercise, for just 30 days, and you'll never want to return to your old, standard, boring, sluggish lifestyle, ever again, how would you want to thank me? You can thank me, by subscribing for free!

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