May 18, 2011

A folk remedy to prevent diarrhea in adults which works for me personally

While the topic of diarrhea in and of itself, seems a disgusting topic, it's one that all-too-often affects the average adult at more than one time in their lives. Not only is the condition an uncomfortable and inconvenient one, diarrhea can pose a serious threat risk. Rather than waiting for an infection and then treating it, would it be better to prevent it?

I'm not a doctor. Nor am I any sort of medical professional. So, if you're looking for actual, traditional, licensed medical opinions, a reader may be better served by WebMD (Or, I'll save you a step. Just go into the Emergency Room at your local hospital.). I'm only sharing a traditional folk remedy for diarrhea that works consistently for me. This can not, and will not, be put forth as any medical advice. Check with your own health care provider, should you have any questions.

Barring any food allergies, this simple tonic works miracles to keep a case of diarrhea from getting the chance to inflame the digestive tract, in the first place. Most households already have the three (yes...three!) ingredients. If they don't, these are easily bought from any grocery store. So, without further ado, here's the tonic recipe:

In an 8 oz. Glass of water, add two Tablespoons of honey (any variety) and two Tablespoons of apple cider vinegar (again, any variety/brand).

Stir the ingredients until all oh the honey is dissolved. This can take a minute or two. It might even help to use a teaspoon to work the honey off of the Tablespoon while stirring.

Drink this concoction prior to eating any meal, at least three times a day. Ta-daaa! That's it!

Even if you do manage to skip this, every once in a while, the overall benefit is there not only in the obvious hydration to the body (People are often woefully dehydrated), but the apple cider vinegar serves to kill off many harmful bacteria, and thereby preventing (sometimes, in my case, treating) the cause of the condition known as diarrhea.

Some of the bigger health-nuts on the dubydubydubya lay claim to beneficial aspects of the honey, too. As well, the grapevine in health circles sometimes lays claim to this tonic being beneficial in weight control, too. But, thus far, for myself, that's turned out to be just rumor. That's all above my pay-grade anyhoo, and I'm not going there. The honey seems to improve the taste somewhat, and was part of the original recipe I learned years ago. So I left it in.

This has worked for me when I was out of honey, also. So, the biggest contributing factor seems to be the apple cider vinegar. Start with smaller amounts, if that's more comfortable for you. Use this in good health. Subscribe to me. It's free.

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