May 17, 2011

Brian and Shannon Gore tragedy in Virginia opens discussion forum on child abuse and neglect

In a story so shocking, most folks likely had to stop reading for a moment in order to process the mental images summoned, the case of Brian and Shannon Gore of Gloucester County, Virginia couldn't be imagined as beneficial to anyone – even in the long term.

Image credit: Gloucester County Sheriff's Department

But from the disgusting behavior of these two sub-humans posing as parents, human nature has once again chosen to try to turn such a negative, into something hopefully positive. In response to the heartbreaking case of the Gore's four-year-old daughter being caged like an animal, and starved, child-abuse awareness activists are hoping to discuss something in recognizing cases of abuse and neglect, this May 18th, 2011.

According to, here's a reader's chance to ask questions about child abuse and neglect. What constitutes abuse? What should you do if you suspect abuse? Tune in for a live Web chat Wednesday, May 18, at noon, EST. Join Betty Wade Coyle, executive director of Prevent Child Abuse Hampton Roads, and representatives from Child Protective Services in Newport News to find answers to your questions. Can't make the chat? Email questions in advance to

With as sad as a case as that of the Gore “family" is, it's all so much more important for the average lay-person on the street, to be able to speak up, and prevent another such tragedy. Learn when, why, and how to say something, on behalf of a defenseless child May 18th, 2011 at the fore-mentioned link. This video conference is free and open to the public. Come visit me on Yahoo!

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