May 18, 2011

Why are we still paying politicians?

Have you ever asked yourself, if we have enough laws? Why do we endure politics, in the first place? Do we Americans, really have any further need of their jobs? I'm not talking about law enforcement. We need those folks. I'm talking only about law makers. Haven't they made enough laws by now?

Why are we spending such incredulous amounts of money, paying for, supporting – and further – donating to, these folks to help them just get re-elected? It's no longer a question of which party we might belong to anymore, as why haven't we retired all government lawmakers?

Being the job of a law maker is to...well...make laws, and those laws stimey a free market, aren't we doing nothing other than crippling our own free markets, and therefore our own lifestyles, by furthering the activities and existence of any sort of over-funded bureaucracy?

Why the hell do we even need putzes like this guy around, anymore? Come on!
Credit: Public Domain Wikimedia Commons

Why do we still need law-makers? At the very least, ask yourself, as an American, why do they need to be full-time, and paid so well? Why, on Earth, would we keep our professional busy-bodies in DC, on make-work, special-interest-funded, agenda-minded, vote-buying, “public works?” Do we really need to keep them all on, regardless of party, at full time? Can we even afford them, anymore? They've done their job, with some...what...10,000 existing laws?

And no! Before you even ask...I'm not talking about any form of “overthrow.” I merely hope to see both Congress, and the Senate, vote themselves as obsolete, and all-too-costly, given our current, economic crisis. Secretaries can pass the annual budget, as staff is dramatically reduced, and the president is furthermore, only “on-call,” in the event of military action. (Why are we paying them, either?)

I really doubt to hear from anyone who can argue the law-making side of government has filled it's role, and may very well therefore be obsolete. Politics, like war, might be totally unnecessary, behind it all. Our legislative body, may be an inefficient use of our own tax dollars, and should be done away with, as soon as humanly possible. If you agree, share, stumble, or Tweet the link. Share this everywhere you can, and bookmark it. Pass it along to everyone you can.

I'm not asking anyone for a penny. I'm only spreading an idea whose time has come. Government should be a tool of the people, not a bunch of tools, over the people. Stop the parasitism, upon our uniquely free, American society. Spread the word. There is no “divine right” to rule. Bring visitors here, too, please.

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