May 21, 2011

Short stories might be the way to go, for new authors

Looking around, as a new writer myself, I see a lot of stories from established authors which all read with a similar theme: Sell short stories. Now, if the kind of names who can demand 7-figure advance fees to pen a novel are suggesting I should start out with short stories, I'm giving them my attention.

It's always been fun to tell stories (ask my ex). I've loved nothing more in my life than to spin a yarn, and in spte of the Texas version of a public school system, I've finally learned enough about spelling and punctuation to accomplish a tale or two. I'll still need an impartial editor, but it's my belief somewhere, deep, deep, down in my mind, is a science fiction piece or two, just waiting to be born.

So my friends (readers) and readers (friends) know, if I'm a little silent sometimes over the next few days, it's because I'm working. If I'm not answering the phone, I'm likely still alive, just focusing. Developing those relationships, revealing flaws within my protagonists/virtues within my antagonists is not as easy to some of us, as it might be for others. So, I'm focusing.

Those who insist on beating on my door during this time might get a dose of Jack Nicholson from “As Good As It Gets.” So, be prepared. But, in the long run, my stained khakis, and my anti-social behavior will be worth it. Once I sell enough copies of my first couple of e-books to keep my monthly child support paid, my next project is to open a soup kitchen to feed the poor.

Because besides my love of telling a dandy bullshit story, I love to feed people, even more. So please, dear readers, now is the time I need your support more than ever. Whaddya say?

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