May 11, 2011

NATO strikes on Libya and a refugee crisis (video)

In the midst of a refugee crisis of historic proportions, another airstrike by NATO forces was reported out of the capital city of Tripoli. Witnesses are stating the sound of four explosions, in quick succession, and each followed by a familiar “whooshing” noise commonly associated with cruise missiles.

According to an AP report on, reporters were unable to ascertain the exact targets hit today, due to not being allowed out of their hotel without government handlers. At this point, no further details on the attack are available, other than it came mere hours after the appearance of Moammar Gadhafi on television, in hopes of silencing rumors of his demise

But, along with a toppled government, and the obvious property damage, is the cost of the hardship put on the Libyan people. First, there are the deaths of hundreds, possibly thousands of soldiers and rebel fighters. Add to that, the collateral damage of the as-yet-unknown numbers of civilian casualties. Also being reported today are more than 1,000 deaths and counting of refugees while fleeing Libya.

According to the following video, UN authorities are counting an estimated 746,000 Libyan refugees. While UN High Commissioner for Refugees, Antonio Guterres is making a plea for all of Europe to receive them, the UK is on record as wishing to not share the burden. He does also report the Swedish are showing a fast response in interviewing refugees. Over 1,000 refugees are said to have died during risky flight over water, on over-crowded boats.

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