May 4, 2011

Brian and Shannon Gore face child abuse and murder charges in Virginia

In a story which could break the coldest of hearts, police have rescued a 5 or 6-year-old girl found caged in a home so hungry, she was attempting to eat her own skin. Her “parents,” Brian and Shannon Gore are facing charges of child abuse. In addition to charges of felony child abuse, the mother is being charged with attempted capital murder, and both are being charged with murder, after the discovery of a second child's body by police, buried in their yard.

According to a report on police were following up on a lead in a burglary investigation which led to the home of Shannon Gore, where they made the grisly discovery.

In addition to the little girl, police also found a one-month-old baby boy, who is reportedly in good condition. Fortunately for both children, they're now in the care of Gloucester County's Department of social Services. A neighbor is also reported to have said that during the six years of being a neighbor of the Gores, he had never seen a little girl, and was only aware of the boy.

Far too many parents confuse strong emotions for their children, with love for their children. Parenting is more than mere “feelings.” In cases such as these, society can be grateful for the thankless job done by social workers. Our little ones have no choice but to rely on the care of parents, until they're big enough to fend for themselves. Here's to both of these two rotting in a filthy, miserable prison cell, for their willingness to harm their own.

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2 Whaddya Think?:

San said...

How heartbreaking and sick. I am glad the children are safe now but the psychological effects of this...ugh. I am proud to be a parent; I don't often do a GREAT job but I AM a great mom.

It's a priviledge and a gift and these idiots have no right...well, to anything.

D said...

They surrendered all rights when they caged that poor little girl. I'd give anything just to be with my own kids, yet scum like these two, will probably get visitation.

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