May 4, 2011

South Korean taxi driver found crucified in empty stone quarry

Personal religious beliefs aside, this is one strange case. Authorities in South Korea are reporting the discovery of a body found in an apparent crucifixion. The dead man, identified only as Kim, was said by neighbors to have “hard core religious views,” but law enforcement agents there are not declaring yet whether his death was a suicide, or a homicide.

According to a report from, Kim was found with his hands and feet nailed to the cross, as well as a hammer, nails, a guide to building a cross, and near his body – a mirror – allegedly so he could watch himself suffer. Also beside the corpse were two smaller crosses, which bore no bodies, but appear to be an attempt to replicate the biblical account of the original crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

Even if this violent act were something Kim had wished upon himself, the scene reported by South Korean police begs the question: Who was his accomplice? Logic alone would require someone's help in nailing both of his hands and feet to the home-made cross. Besides the likelihood of severe pain bringing such plans to a halt, how else would his second hand been nailed, if his other was already secured?

Is the scene discovered by police some form of bizarre ritualistic killing? Or, might this simply be a case of one, or more, particularly sadistic killer(s)? Only a thorough investigation by police will ever reveal the truth behind the death. Until then, those close to Kim have only the tragic loss to deal with, and so little to go on.

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