May 27, 2011

Senator Harry Reid Shoves Both of His Feet into His Mouth Again

Senator Harry Reid Unwittingly Confirms the Need to Let the So-called Patriot Act Expire

Senator Harry Reid (D Nevada), and Senator Rand Paul (R Kentucky) have been in a heated public debate over the re-authorization of the Patriot Act, and in an attempt to falsely demonize those of us who would want to re-claim our rights to privacy and a smaller, less-intrusive government, Senator Reid has unwittingly made a statement confirming the ineffectiveness of the act. Good job there, Harry.

According to a story on The Ticket, Senate majority leader Reid accused Senator Paul, and others who support him of "giving terrorists the opportunity to plot against our country undetected." He also states, "The senator from Kentucky is threatening to take away the best tools we have for stopping them."

In saying so, he's effectively accusing anyone who would want the draconian measure to expire, of willingly helping terrorists. As offensive as this blatant fear-mongering lie is, he went on to contradict himself, and it's just too bad he's not smart enough to realize how big of a gift it is. (Can't help but wonder if he and Joe Biden are related.)

Reid continued with: "We all remember the tragic Fort Hood shootings less than two years ago. Radicalized American terrorists bought guns and used them to kill 13 civilians. It is hard to imagine why the senator would want to hold up the Patriot Act for a misguided amendment that would make American(s) less safe." Did you catch it? Okay, for those of you who support (need) big government taking care of you in every aspect of life, I'll type slowly. Pay attention, now.

Is Senator Harry Reid aware of how ridiculous he is? The Patriot Act was in place when the tragic shooting at Ft Hood occurred. How is this reminder supposed to point out the effectiveness of the act? When Major Nidal Malik Hasan took the lives that he did, alone, the law was in full force-roving wire taps and all.

His was not a case of anyone buying guns without government oversight. The Ft Hood shooting wasn't committed by a Constitutionalist. So, if the Patriot Act did not stop this shooting, how on Earth is this tragic event a good example of the need to reauthorize it? Oh, I forgot. Senator Harry Reid, like so many in DC, is out-of-touch with reality.

Senator Harry Reid is no different than any other politician lusting after more power. When the Patriot Act was passed, wasn't it the Democrat camp which railed against Bush for it? Now that the DNC holds a majority in the Senate, they're staunchly supportive of the Patriot Act. Even though it was passed under the Bush Administration, it's now Democrats insisting on having the use of its broadly invasive powers. Talk about the tables turning.

Although DNC members decried the Patriot Act as a "power grab," having tasted that power themselves, they like it. There's just not a difference between any two average politicians. Power is addictive, and they live from fix to fix, like any other junkie.

Senator Harry Reid simply ignores the truth that our uniquely American freedoms need protection, and not the status-quo. When the Patriot Act was originally passed, the goal was to make it easier for different law enforcement agencies to cooperate in the fight against terrorist attacks. But lately, it's been directed at American citizens, instead. Any act or law passed, which contradicts our Bill of Rights, is just plain wrong.

Did the founding fathers have it all wrong? Can we Americans not be trusted with freedom? Personally, I'd rather take my chances in a free society, than to live in a "safer" prison of any sort. I understand there are dangerous people who hate America as "The Great Satan" in this world. But destroying what has made us a great nation-our freedoms and individual liberties-is not the way to protect ourselves from them. Please, share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Originally published on the Yahoo Contributor Network.

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