Dec 29, 2012

From Cracked; 4 Dangerously Influential Dimwits

It's terribly possible that, even though they're owned by the meth-heads of Demand Media, may very well be the single, greatest website to ever exist other than Snopes and thousands upon thousands of other equally awesome websites.
The writers of Cracked don't just make me laugh. They also make me think, question myself and occasionally cringe from the type of realizations which give me feelings of embarrassment and awkwardness even though I'm alone in the bathroom at the moment I realize whatever it was at the time  and my only hope for saving face is that at least 80 percent of the world isn't bright enough to ever notice my countless faux pas during my life of painful ignorance for which I then determine myself to no longer continue in my fuckuppery.

With the piece I'm leading you to now, within this post, the brilliant Felix Clay shares his list of four of the most undeserving, incredibly dishonest, crooked, evil influencers in the world today. I gotta say this: He NAILS it! Look, it's such a great piece, I'm even going to shut up now and let you enjoy the read. You're welcome to read my snippet introduction, of course. Or, you can just go ahead and skip to the link reading "Read the rest here." Okay. OKAY! I'm shutting up now. Please stop yelling at me.
Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. That's a popular belief that pervades society these days and is born of a curious and unearned entitlement, sort of like the way we all think a bus shouldn't have urine on it, but of course it does. It's also terribly untrue due to its lack of completeness. Everyone can have an opinion, but you have to be ready to accept that it may be wrong and misguided and in need of correction. That's not an opinion. That's a stone cold sexy fact.
Unfortunately, too many people have beliefs that are rigid and not open to change. Like trying to pee with a boner, they are difficult to manage and can be disastrous when forced in another direction. No one likes to hear that the things they strongly believe are wrong, but it's a disservice to all of us if we can't be open to the idea that we are wrong, and open to learning something new. And while it's true that no one is right all the time and no one knows everything, that's natural. What's unnatural are those people who have been elevated to a position of authority, rightly or wrongly, who use their power and influence to spread their wrongheaded beliefs, not just to the benefit of ignorance, but to the dangerous detriment of those who believe them. Basically I mean...Read the rest here.

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