Dec 30, 2012

How to Make Homemade Marijuana Butter for all of Your Edible Marijuana Medicine Needs

First off, I'm not encouraging anyone to do anything illegal. If you're not legally allowed to use marijuana – whether in edible medicine form or not – then I'm going to ask you to visit somewhere else on the web. Perhaps another article on our blog or perhaps to a friend's website (Make a donation while you're there too. Help the guy out). Anywhere but here.

Also, if you're a minor, please just go away now. Anyone who remains on these pages, bears their own responsibility and I'm not holding a gun to anyone's head and making them read. Here in the free marketplace of ideas, it is the closest thing to a religious believe of mine, that all information shall be readily available. In any case, I would only recommend – even to those who are legally allowed to consume edible marijuana medicine (or recreational) – only make what is personally consumed. Personal consumption is a safer threshold even in those communities where the government is stubbornly ridiculous and enforce ineffective, antiquated laws known as “crimes against the state.”

That being said, edible marijuana is a viable option for those who need the marijuana wonder drug but can't – or simply don't want to – inhale smoke and hot ash into the lungs. If you're able to buy it legally, great. But if you're needing to save a few dollars on your edible marijuana medicine then, I'm your boy and my brain is your toy. *meow bat bat* It's easy to do and only requires the most basic things.

What you'll need to make edible marijuana medicine for your own, personal use of a 1 lb. marijuana butter batch:

One lb. salted butter
One oz. marijuana (bud, clipping, small stems), finely cut up
a double-boiler of some sort (a large saucepan within a larger saucepan works as long as you can keep the water filled. Some people use a crock-pot on low filled with water and a metal bowl)
Clean, new pantyhose for straining

What you do to make your own edible marijuana medicine (Told you this was easy. Okay, even if I forgot to, it is.):

1. Place both the butter and the finely chopped marijuana bud and/or trimmings into the bowl.
2. Cook for a minimum of 24 hours. MINIMUM!
3. Strain through new, clean pantyhose into desired container and let cool. Squeeze the drippings through the pantyhose. Remove all the liquids possible. Work patiently.
4. Discard strainings as you wish. Some will recommend a mulch-pile. Some will recommend using them in a salad.
5. From this point, use – pound-for-pound – as butter in any recipes. Popular options are brownies or cookies.

And in conclusion; knowing how important it is to be good to others, remember to be good to yourself too. Thank you for reading.

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