Dec 23, 2012

Our Christmas Tree for Christmas 2012. (Images)

Well, the world didn't end with the last Solstice, so here's to enjoying another year alive at the beginning of the new year and Christmas. Our tree's up and we wanted to share the shots with family, friends and strangers alike. We hope you like it and Merry Christmas, everybody.

The first shot is so we can show off Janet's mad decorating ninja skilz. In the foreground, there's Amanda's stocking photobombing, as usual.

Then, of course, there's the gifts. Janet and I already exchanged ours but we still have those of the kids to go. Stockings, set on the floor with care, the tree taking over the television's place in the living room and all of the smiles waiting to happen when they see what she picked for each of them. (They're making out like bandits this year.)

Anyway, here's to everyone having a wonderful, peaceful, prosperous Christmas. And if you celebrate something else, we hope you have a wonderful time too, this holiday season. Thanks for visiting.

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