Jun 16, 2011

Georgia Storm images, scenes, and pics, June 16th, 2011

Not only is the world shaking from earthquakes, bubbling and glurging from all the floods, and still smoldering after all of the military combat activity, but now Georgia is hit by tremendous thunderstorms yesterday evening. I just want to share some of the scenes with regular readers, as well as visitors.

With their work cut out for them, repair crews around Georgia are answering calls for jobs like removal of this tree from a home. It's not just a part of the tree. It's the whole tree, right on top of the house, itself. Not only does this speak to the power of last night's storms, it also speaks to the quality of old-fashioned construction craftsmanship.

Those repair crew personnel are just amazing! Three stories up, this gutsy, and well-balanced guy is tackling the removal ~ bit-by-bit ~ of another log off from on top of an unidentified house. Of course, all of the houses in these scenes are unidentified. Why should we add any risk of embarrassment?

Well, progress is made, one step at a time. Hang in there, buddy, and keep up the good work.

Some homes got off much easier, than others. Fortunately for everyone involved, they're living in one of the friendliest, most-caring states in the Union.

Still, others were just lucky to only suffer some minor roof damage.

Of course, few trees in these parts of Georgia were spared a bit of the storm's furies.

All images credit: Donald Pennington

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