Jun 18, 2011

Evil Good Chocolate Cake Recipe

If chocolate cake is in the order-of-the-day, then it should be done right. Whether you're throwing a birthday party, or you're just serving up a great treat for the family, these easy-to-follow tips will make this a chocolate cake you won't soon forget!

Time for chocolate cake!

This is what you get! Follow instructions!
Credit: Donald Pennington

Who doesn't love some chocolate cake so good, it's almost evil? Who doesn't find themselves wanting some cocoa-flavored goodness so much, they'd be willing to carry it around on their thighs for a month? You just better grab a saucer, fork, cup of milk, and a seat at the table when you see this chocolate cake. You just “gotta getcha some!” You'll see. This dessert won't last overnight in your fridge.

What you need to make some evil-good chocolate cake

Any chocolate cake mix or recipe
Up to a cup of the cheapest beer in the store.
1 tiny, little, bit of a pinch of chili powder
8 oz of chocolate pudding, any brand
1 small pinch of salt
(Per layer)

What you do to make some evil-good chocolate cake

Preheat your oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit, or whatever the original cake recipe calls for..

Prepare the cake as normal, with the exception of replacing any water or milk called for, with the cheap beer. Go with the cheap beer since what might not be worth drinking, usually makes for some delicious baking.

While mixing, add the dash of salt, and the tiny bit of chili powder. When it comes to the chili powder, you really want to try for just a few/less than a dozen little flakes of the stuff. The ittiest-bitty bit of it is what you want.

Once mixed correctly, add the 8 oz. Of chocolate pudding. Whip it in well, stirring more than you think you might need to. The frothier, the better, in this case. Scrape your cake into a lightly-greased cake pan, and bake according to the original cake recipe's instructions.

Cool before frosting. I leave the frosting up to your own creative genius (Hint: any pudding and powdered sugar, whipped together, makes an interesting glaze.)

Originally published on Wikinut.

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