Jun 16, 2011

Vancouver PD and rioters clash; police bring in tear gas and flashbangs

Canucks fans and Vancouver police clashed earlier in response to demands by citizens calling for military involvement, if law enforcement is unable to stop the rioters. But the question arises: Why aren't citizens calling for -demanding- the riotehttp://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gifrs themselves quit behaving like fools? Why are Canadians so angry at law cops for what their jug-headed neighbors are doing? So what, if Boston has the trophy? Is it worth all of this wasteful, damaging idiocy? You should all be ashamed!

According to a CTV video on CTVBC.ctv.ca, we hear a report on the mass upset felt, by police inability to quiet the riot. Some call for Canadian government officials to call in the military.

They didn't bring in these guys.
Credit: Wikimedia Commons
Photographer: Glen Larson

As of 11:15 p.m., local time (PDT), police were responding to rioters with tear gas and flash-bangs, rather than tolerate those who would flip over a car and damage other property, over something so fleeting as a trophy. Perhaps a bit of tuning up all actors with one wallop, could perhaps make those “not-really-so-brave” others, think a bit on their actions.

It's a just a game trophy, for crying out loud! Whomever it was who first suggested damaging any property whatsoever, should face charges. If it's hundreds of Canadians, so be it.

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Patriot Depot

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