Jun 11, 2011

How to make Redgage make more money for us all

Redgage is a fairly basic concept, which, could prove quite lucrative eventually-for everyone. Even admin could end up walking away with several dollars a year, if they try. LOL.

But, really, if you're looking for the way to make Redgage a lot more lucrative, try this: Rate your friend's content, high. Go at least 4 stars, on anything.

Then, after having gone through, and rated at least a dozen of anything done by a friend, go on and share another document, blog post, link, photo, or video. As long as we're all sharing unique and fresh content, the site's value will increase.

All of this activity will also serve to inspire higher-quality activity. In short, Redgage will just become ever-increasingly more and more valuable, to us all. But that's just due to the rule of “a rising tide” lifting “all boats,” or something to that effect.

But having personally witnessed Redgage's value going up, just within my account, by the simple act of sharing, both on Redgage, and sharing Redgage itself – I can confirm it's a member's own, personal level of activity, which decides the value of each member's content. So, get active. Share, and rate a lot. Your value here will grow.
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