Mar 4, 2011

Answer just one question in the comments, please. Skip any ad to come along.

What do you think of the new blog title?

It turns out, the old name (Which I'll not even repeat here) could have become a terrible conflict, with another. So, for the good of everyone concerned, I'm just going with the more organic name.

Feedback, critique, and lewd suggestions are welcome in the comment section below. Spam will be destroyed.

2 Whaddya Think?:

Greg Johnson said...

It works for me, Don, though using your name may also result in a conflict. ;) Just kidding.

Kerry said...

Less is always more. People are over the flashy sites with little to no content. I personally prefer something minimalist with informative articles, which is clearly what you offer your readers.

Congrats, and smooth sailing!


PS Keep an eye out for my big launch. I hope you'll bless my new site with your presence as my very first guest blogger.

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