Mar 6, 2011

College Students: Get Free Help from McGraw-Hill here!

It is time, once again, to try to get some of the bills paid by telling my readers about another sponsor. Don't be afraid, though. This isn't some sort of singles ad, or any sort of “income opportunity.” This time, the message goes out to all US or UK college students.

GradeGuru is brought to you by McGraw-Hill. Yes, that's the same McGraw-Hill that printed all of your school books. They're an established and reputable company which has been around longer than I've been alive.

GradeGuru is an online learning network that is: * Free to every user * Endorsed by professors * Legitimate and fully supported by McGraw-Hill Higher Education * Social and community-based * A source of academic tools to help with coursework

The benefit to students on GradeGuru that they wish to highlight is that it provides free access to study materials created by your class mates for your specific school and class.

The objective of McGraw-Hill’s online advertising campaign for GradeGuru, it’s award winning educational start up, is to drive new registrations on the site by actively-enrolled university students. The site is free to join. The advertiser monetizes registrations via ads placed on Grade Guru.

College is hard. Give yourself every advantage you can.

Signup for free here:

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