Mar 6, 2011

Greeting and Salutations

Let me start by saying Thank You to Don for inviting me as a guest contributor to this blog.
So, who am I anyway?
My name is Gregory Johnson, but you can call me Greg. I can be found in several places under the name 'Thorgrym' (years ago, I began writing a fantasy adventure novel with the main character by that name, so I have used it in many of my online exploits). Don Pennington and I met through Associated Content over three years ago (I know! Such a long time ago!). I was just getting my start in the world of internet writing. I had dabbled in blogging prior to joining AC, but really hadn't done much of anything with writing online. My first published article for AC was: My 10 Favorite Songs by Rush. I have written 26 articles for AC with more on the way, though I am not as active there as I once was.
I began writing online as a way to earn some money working at home to replace the income I lost due to disability. I was hospitalized in September of 2006 due to increasingly severe symptoms that made walking difficult among other things. While I was only in the hospital for 4 days, it took the doctors until February of 2007 to deliver a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis.
Recovery had been slow until October of 2008 when I was introduced to VIDACELL®.
Not knowing if it would help, I decided to give it a three month long test. Because it was cheaper to buy VIDACELL® as a distributor, even if only for the three month test, I did so. While it has never been a focus for me as a business, I do actively promote both the product and the opportunity.
Around the beginning of 2009, I decided to begin blogging about my experience with VIDACELL® and other alternative therapies. I called it My Journey to Wellness.
In March of 2009, I published my first book through The Armor of God is the result of a Bible study that I did on Ephesians 6:10-20. I had written and had it performed as a play several years ago but always wanted to release it as book. I was introduced to by the same friend that brought me to AC. We had been talking about collaborating on a book that we would publish through, but other than knowing about it, she was unaware of how the process worked. I decided to investigate it. Within hours after starting my exploration, I had a proof copy of my book on its way to the printer!
Recently, I began writing for LM5 is:
"a platform where people can earn money by creating, publishing and sharing their own Top Five Lists online. We provide a Free and Fun way for people to earn residual income by sharing information, opinions, knowledge, humor, interests, and input in the form of a Top Five List."

One of my goals in life is to help others get the most out of their lives. I hope that what I write can do that for you. Please check out my previous (and future) works. Maybe the help will be as innocuous as finding a new favorite song or as important as recovering from illness and improving your quality of life - you never know!

You can find me at:

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