Mar 11, 2011

Let's hear it for theoatmeal!

Let's hear it for theoatmeal!

No, that's not a typo. This isn't about food for the stomach, but food for the funnybone. I've only been a fan of for a short few months so far, but the genius behind this website will have to smack me unconscious with a stick to make me stop following him now.

Just what is Technically, is a web-based comic strip. But, oddly enough, what author Matthew Inman (Holy shit! Was I supposed to keep his name a secret? I can't remember! Aw shit! Awwwww SHIT!...meh) contributes such genius as How To Pet a Kitty, Dear Sriracha Rooster Sauce, and If You Do This In An Email I Hate You. He impressed me to such a point I even bothered to find out his email address, and lifted my fat fingers enough to type out a simple thank you message to him.

I do not recommend everyone do this, as he is a busy man, and might send a squad of trained ninja monkey assassins whose eyes are also lasers to your home or office. I also do not recommend my fellow fans move in under his front porch either, as I have done, but only because that would now not be original, and there isn't much room now anyway next to my fat ass.

There are a lot of people publishing online these days. Many of them intend to inform and educate us. Others try (in vain) to make us laugh. While still others try to shock us. Matthew...I manages to pull off all three at once. With his 4.5 million visitors per month, the odds are good you've already discovered the site for yourself. But, in case you haven't yet, scooch on over to his site and give him a look-see. Enjoy yourself.

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