Mar 3, 2011

The Top Five Steps You Must Take to Change Your Life Guest blog from Akbar the Tentmaker

The Top Five Steps You Must Take to Change Your Life

Whatever the goal you wish to attain in life, whether it's losing weight, making more money, improving your love life, all of the above, or any of a host of other possibilities, there some key steps you must perform. Either you want the change, or you don't. It's really that simple.

Take Charge of Your Emotions. There are those who let their emotions control their thoughts, and there are those who make their thoughts control their emotions. Life will throw you curve balls, whether you're ready or not.

Whatever challenges you will face when you have decided to improve some aspect of your life, it is imperative that those emotions are kept in check, in order to "keep your wits about you."

Choose What You Accept As Input. Advice is always free, and sometimes, that's about all it's worth. Would you accept sobriety advice from someone who won't quit drinking, themselves? Marital advice from someone who hates the opposite sex? Dating advice from a guy who refuses to shower?

People mean well, when they offer advice. But that, in and of itself, does not mean they have a clue what they're talking about. If you truly need advice, get it from someone experienced with what you're asking about.

This includes the media, too. Most entertainment, contemporary music, and even most newspapers are full of junk. It's like bubble gum, when you need food. Even when it's not harmful, it's a huge distraction. Remember: Garbage in, garbage out.

Know Your Goal. Know specifically what it is you're wanting to achieve. The more detail, the better. Want to lose weight? How many pounds? Want more income? How much, exactly, and by when? Not having a specific goal is sot of like shooting at a target through fog. How can you aim if the exact specific target is not determined?

Besides giving yourself a specific target, the more specific details you give yourself, the more "why" there is behind the efforts. Give someone enough "why" and the "how" will nearly work itself out.

Pay Your Price. For someone to say they want to increase their income, and not make the effort needed to increase their income, is akin to living with a delusion. It's also just as silly to claim wanting to lose weight and not improving diet or exercising.

Pay the price for what you want, or let it go. Nobody else gets more than 24 hours within a day, yet they make their lives work. Excuses are like eyeballs. Almost everyone has at least one.

Perform Consistently. The term "overnight success" is really just a euphemism. It's a figure of speech. Even those who really do end up at the summit of Success Mountain need to perform consistently. Nearly every single day will require some sort of effort towards whatever desires you must have.

Imagine a guitar student wanting a record contract, after only one lesson. That's nuts, right? It takes dedicated, daily practice to become a successful musician. While there are those who have a "knack" for music, even they give something of themselves towards their goal, daily. Nothing worth having is easy.

Either you want what you say you want, or you're just griping. If a person is sincere in their desire to achieve anything, then they must perform towards that goal, regardless of what it is.

You might not hit the target on the first try, any more than a sailboat will go straight from point A to point B. But little by little, it can be reached. With sincere dedication, anything can be obtained. Without sincere dedication, nothing is possible.

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