Mar 29, 2011

What Would it be Like to be ReTweeted by @50Cent on Twitter?

Only those of us who've had the good sense to read “The 50th Law” will understand why a writer would even ever dare dream of such a thing as to be retweeted by someone like @50Cent on Twitter. Obviously, with over 4 million followers, if a man like @50Cent tells people to follow my blog for a month, they'll follow my blog.

What on Earth can I offer Curtis Jackson, aka @50Cent? Some fun reading. A recipe or three. Stories about my kids. That's really about it. I hope he'd enjoy reading them, too. This would be an easy way for someone as influential as @50Cent to give back. Much like how he saw the music industry out of a bad situation, I see my blog.

Here's to future readers helping me ask @50Cent to retweet me me just once as a fan, and allow me the chance to write for the people's entertainment and education. All I need is one chance. From there, I make it or break it, on my own.

Nihil timendum est.

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