Jul 14, 2011

Okay, are the various American media heading for a government takeover, too?

Will the News of the World scandal result in a federal takeover of American media outlets, and web publishing? Might the current, modern, American mind be so softened yet, as to allow our government to create a state media nightmare right here in the U.S. Of A.?

According to the report on ”L.A Times” 'Murdoch and son to appear before Parliament committee' (July 14th, 2011), the violations by staffers and/or contractors with the now-defunct “News of the World” are of such an egregious nature, the editorial staff is being called before British Parliament for testimony.

Such an outrageous nature was the privacy violations that, should President Obama wish to seek federal oversight of the American media and Internet publishing, it's likely he should find support. If he wins a re-election bid, he'd be sitting as a lame duck president, and might just risk it all to get it. Who knows, never letting a crisis go to waste, American authoratarianism might just demand he go for it.

How many other industries in the US have there been ruined, or are being ruined, by recent government "oversight?" All of the were in response to the stories carried, and focused upon, by mainstream American news outlets.

Speak out against it, should you see it. There are so many smaller, less-crucial matters we should have cried out against, that now it's coming soon, to this. Admittedly, I only sorta feel it in my bones. My fears could be total crap. There's a chance that even President Obama wouldn't commit an overt takeover of the media, in America, right? Somebody, please tell me I'm wrong. I only hope I'm not way too late.
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