Jul 6, 2011

What could be worse than the Casey Anthony verdict? Our response to it.

We all read the surprising news on July 5th, 2011. Casey Anthony was determined to be not guilty, by a jury of her peers, in a Florida courtroom. The prosecution failed to meet the burden of proof beyond a reasonable doubt, and the jury had to acquit. What could be worse than a woman who is believed to have murdered her own daughter getting off Scot-free?

I can tell you of a few things worse than this. For starters, there seems to be some tirade of hyper-emotional demands to do away with the jury system. That jury system is what often stands between we citizens, and an all-too-often corrupt government system. Take away our jury system, and it becomes too convenient for those in power to simply eliminate dissidents and political adversaries with false charges. It's also what stands in between you and those who would make up false charges against you. Believe me. It happens. Lives are destroyed every day, all over America, by people drumming up false accusations.

What else can be worse than the Casey Anthony acquittal? How about folks who exploit the death of this poor little girl, to advance their personal political agenda? I've seen so-called conservatives calling the members “stupid liberals,” and I've seen so-called liberals calling the jurors “stupid conservatives.” All I can conclude is this government worship must be as bad of a mental disease as religion itself. I must have bumped three dozen people off of my Fb friends list today alone.

I've seen calls for violence towards the defense attorneys. I've seen folks dumb enough to state publicly, their desire to hurt Casey Anthony. (Geez, people, you're dumb enough to put it in writing? ON FACEBOOK? You deserve everything you get for that bone-headed of a move.) Where's the righteous indignation when any other killer gets off-the-hook? Is it just easier to make threats because she's female? Are you animals too scared of the others to make such threats?

It was the prosecution who failed to meet their burden of proof. It was a team of government-funded bureaucrat attorneys who assumed they had a slam-dunk case, due to the emotional charge surrounding this drama these last two and-a-half years, and so rested on their laurels. It was the state of Florida which chose to over-bill the charge, and then present a case resembling a giant block of Swiss cheese.

So, to those who “think” we need to eliminate the jury system because those 12 Americans did their duty, while prosecutors did not, please kiss my pimply, hairy, white ass. Our justice system is more than a coliseum for the satisfaction of the blood-lust of simpletons and fools. Why blame the jurors, for the failings of the prosecution?

I'm not saying Casey Anthony is innocent – not by any means – so do not try to put words in my mouth. Frankly, I think she killed her baby, and it makes me as sad as everyone else. But there's no way in hell throwing out the best system on Earth is the right answer. Our only reasonable option is to now decide to not buy any book she writes, or any movie she contributes to, and leave her to live and die alone in her own house of shit. We must simply move on, as unfair as the Casey Anthony verdict may be.
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2 Whaddya Think?:

Kevin Leland said...

Hey Don!

Awesome as usual! I'm going to take a break from contemplating the mystery of the Holy Trinity, and tackle another paradox: Why does Don Pennington, an Atheist, have a more accurate moral compass than my Pastor, and 75% of the people I go to church with?

Come check out my Camels and Shepherds and Spys...Oh my! Blog...I've got an exclusive first degree murder scoop that needs your wit, insight, and good sense. And... you'll probably want to weigh in on the sinking of Mike Q's battleship.

D said...

Thanks for your kind words. I'm on your blog, now, Kevin.

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