Sep 18, 2011

If Ron Paul is winning so many Straw Polls - as in California - WHY is the American media trying so hard to ignore him?

Once again, the American people have spoken in favor of our candidate, Congressman Ron Paul of Texas. And for once, a mainstrem media news outlet had to cover it. "It" being only the California Straw Poll.

Yes friends, you read that right. According to themselves, Congressman Ron Paul of Texas has won the California Straw Poll for the Republican nomination, to run against Incumbent President Barack Obama in 2012 presidential election.

So, what was the reason the mainstream media decided to discuss any and every other candidate for the Republican nod, other than the good doctor? Why is the experienced, qualified, non-pandering, honest, non-psychopath, who has held a real job, and is not an attorney, not a reasonable candidate? Why on Earth would anyone claiming any sort of ties to conservatism in America, not want President Ron Paul elected as our Commander-in-Chief? Why not try the path of peace, just one time, and see how things go for us.

Let's pull out of these foreign shores, and so many other foreign interests, and close the Fed. We need to remember what keeps us Uniquely American, is one specific document which purposefully limits the power and scope of government in the United States. Dr Paul remembers it. We call it the Constitution, and it is the law of the land.

Ron Paul scares the establishment media. His quest, his promise to remember our individual liberties, and to remember the Constitution, make Congressman Ron Paul the people's candidate. He certainly is mine. He has my vote. Heck. Congressman Ron Paul is the only candidate I've ever bet money on. (And I'm paid up, :D just in case.)

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