Sep 29, 2011

Pass my three-word psychic test which I've had up since April of 2009

I placed my challenge before all the readers of the Yahoo Contributor Network last April of 2009. Not one, single, medium passed my challenge. It is simple, honest, and legitimate. The day I find the one professional or amateur psychic, I'll bring them anything they want!

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Are you psychic? Are you a medium, clairvoyant or gifted towards the spiritual realm in any way? Before my Dad died, he told me that he has a three word code, that I'll immediately recognize, the odds of which anyone - even most that know me would never guess - that he could always use as a signal to me that it was him.

You might need a pair of crystal balls to pass this challenge. Now let me save 99.9975325% of you the trouble right now: Those three little words aren't "I love you." I know he did. So let's not waste any bandwidth with that. Right? Right!
Dad never specifically instructed me to publish the test through AC or any other site. But he asked me that if I do want to contact him, and if there really is anything over there, that would be how I'd know who I was hearing from. (If he'd known about performance bonuses, he'd have chewed me out for not having it published already. It's just taken me a while since it's a hard topic to...Go here for the rest.

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