Oct 20, 2011

And you thought Solyndra was bad? Ha! Hold on to your dentures folks! Wait until you hear about Fisker!

Just when you thought the US Government couldn't screw up any worse than the shady deals involving the sham company Solyndra and their $535 million dollar “loan,” along comes an ABC news report which has me hoping Harold Camping might be right about tomorrow being the end of the world. Damitall.

A little-known company named Fisker was approved for $529 million dollars in loans from the US Department of Energy to manufacture reasonably-priced electric cars two years back. According to the ABC report, when the loan was originally announced by Vice President Joe Biden, it was lauded as “a bright new path to thousands of American manufacturing jobs.” (Now, there was our first hint is was absolute bullshit. It came out of Joe Biden's mouth.)

Sounds great, huh? Sure does. Just one little problem. The manufacturer is outsourcing all those manufacturing jobs to Finland. Finland - After all the smoke blown up or collective asses about these types of programs stimulating American jobs! I do not want to see how deeply we will bleed if any more of Obama's hopey-dopey-changey comes to life!

Fans of conscious thought and rational, objective honesty might also find it interesting to learn, the company is also backed by a venture capital firm involving...wait for it...Al Gore.

Al Gore's name comes up in so many shady, underhanded and dirty operations, I'm beginning to believe he's an operative for some other country. I don't even bother calling him “former Vice President” and I don't care who finds that offensive. (Stock tip: Ask Al Gore what he would invest in, and then do exactly the opposite!)

So, all of those jobs promised by our current administration – all fueled by tax dollars of course – turn out to be smoke and mirrors again as yet hundreds of millions of dollars more are diverted out of America. Obama's lackeys and mindless supporters can squeak “racism” all they like for my saying it, but Obama has siphoned more money out of the U.S. in just his first term than I ever imagined existing in one place. (Admittedly, that speaks to my ignorance of American economics, but can't folks see just how blatantly destructive all of these slobs in D.C. are?) We're being robbed blind, left and right, and nobody speaks up because it's not “politically correct” to criticize a “black-ish man.”

Well, I'm calling bullshit! You might “think” this administration has the country's best interests at heart. And I might think I can squeeze a polka-dotted elephant out of my butt. I'm no Republican. I might even be more liberal than anyone who ever reads this. But that does NOT mean I have to be blind!

We the people have been robbed yet again and I do not give a damn if anyone finds me “disthresthpecthful” for saying it. I owe no loyalty to anyone who seeks to do me harm. Could some politician lackey in D.C. puh-lease strap a pair of plastic balls on long enough to begin the impeachment process, before my grand-kids end up being born into a third-world country? Screw seeing his birth certificate! I wanna see his fangs pulled before he sucks any more life-blood out of our country.

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