Oct 28, 2011

Anti-Semitism, Socialism and Delusion Within the Occupy Movement

My view of the Occupy Bowel Movement

| Does my sub-title give it away too soon? Will those who come to this page even bother to read further? Or, will they respond in the comments to the title alone? I ask this because, from what I've seen so far, these Occupy protesters seem to only be able to see the surface of things in life - appearances - and lack the capacity to find the devil-in-the-details of anything. Don't get me wrong, I support the right to protest. I do it myself, all the time. I just disagree with the reasons behind the protests, as of late.

When I see young folks in their Che Guevara t-shirts, I want to ask them if he is the only mass murderer they adore, or have they also come to passionately worship Ted Bundy too? Maybe John Wayne Gacy is more their flavor. Would Pol Pot register as a hero to them? Or might they at least take the time to do a Yahoo search on the name first? Who knows, really?

All this bunch has to do is have their ears tickled and their emotions stimulated, and poof goes the critical thinking and desire for analysis. No need for real thought when feelings are so strong. Real thought is hard work, after all. That's why so few do it, according to Henry Ford.

On the topic of the obvious anti-semitism (For the occupiers, that means "hatred of Jews," simply put) displayed in this example and also this one right here, all I can really say is shame on all of them for that. Have the Jewish people not been through enough already? How can anyone with such a deep and pervasive delusion as racism (of any flavor) ever be reached?

I encountered this same mentality (or lack thereof) when I was caught up in the "9/11 Truther Movement," and I'm just glad I escaped the cult. I hope at least some other folks can find their way back out too. I'm grateful to everyone who ever challenged my delusion, and for a father who taught me the courage to be honest, even if only with myself.

Let's also look at the demands for Socialism from the people at these Occupy protests. There is a fundamental difference between free-market Capitalism and crony Capitalism of America's central banking system (There's four words that should never be used together). At least some of the original Occupy protesters primary statement was a stand against the busybody nature of government interfering with free-market Capitalism, for the sake of protecting their pet boot-lickers, and other business quislings, from natural competition in a free market.

Those ideas are ones which I still support. But then once the news began paying attention to the crowd, along come the Socialists, Communists and union thugs, to change the message from its original theme to one of absurdity the very moment they saw an opportunity for free media coverage.

Look. I don't really expect anyone in the MTV generation to believe me about how terrible Socialism is. How about hearing from someone who has lived under it? (Language warning for the easily offended) The protesters might be deceived into thinking they'll all get an "equal piece of the pie," but all they'll be doing is feeding the parasitic leaders, who will dominate every aspect of their lives. These are the very same sorts of people, who have brought about the problems the protesters claim to be concerned with, in the first place.

If someone wants to give away every single value in their lives to others, that's their right. But to even attempt to have everyone else forced to do so as well, through gun-backed laws (which really means "under a death threat") is blatantly immoral. Perhaps Socialism is the refuge of the lazy, the bitter, the ignorant, and the confused, after all.

Originally published on Yahoo.

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