Dec 30, 2011

Parental Alienation is Child Abuse.

Parental alienation is one of those topics so painful for the person going through, it's quite difficult to discuss. I've tried to bring the topic up without going into a rant. I no longer wish to attack my own ex over anything, but this is still a topic which needs to be discussed among adults, with other adults, and like adults.

For those of you on mobile phones, here's a flash version:

Originally published on YouTube. It's time this form of child abuse is recognized and stopped. Here are those two resources I promise in the video. I'm sure you'll find them helpful: and

Few things in life are more sickening than when a supposed grown-up uses a parent's love of their children as "leverage" of some sort or another, to get their way. Please comment on the video below. Just be mature enough to at least not be vicious. If you do have something vicious to say, and you're not willing to identify yourself, I just might delete your comment. So be mature, or at least be honest about who you are. Thanks. I hope something helps visitors here.

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