Feb 11, 2012

MEN ONLY!! Three Unusual Valentine's Day Gifts That'll Really Get Her Attention

Valentine's Day is coming faster and faster every year. Or maybe I'm just getting older and older. Either way, I'm learning to not only be prepared earlier, but also to be the guy who stands out from the others by being unusual and unique in my gift choices.

Unlike so many other holidays I really truly love Valentine's Day. It's the perfect chance for we men to let the ladies know just how much we appreciate them. So make sure to stand apart from all the other guys by using highly unusual Valentine's Day gifts as an, 'appetizer' of sorts. Just try to keep a straight face, so as not to give the real surprise, in the other hand, away.

For years we've been marketed the old standards, like jewelry, chocolates, or flowers. While any, or even all of these are really nice, I'd recommend that if she's really special; get her attention! And nothing ever gets a woman's attention like a legitimate and sincere sense of humor. You'd better have a sense of humor. We men get angry, go bald, and give 'em the Dutch Oven. Personality's the one edge you got boy. Use it well.

To help you with that I've found three suggestions for unique and unusual Valentine's Day gifts. And I bring them to you, hoping that it helps you lead the pack after her heart, and not get your (uh-huh) kicked...Read the rest here.

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