Oct 22, 2012

Getting ready for some new jalapeno plants

I'm preparing to grow at least one nice jalapeno pepper plant. While folks in other parts of the country with colder climates might have to wait for Spring, this is Cajun country. Nearly everything can grow year 'round down here. Heck, last Christmas I was in a t-shirt, shorts and barefoot all day long.

To get the seeds, I'm drying three selected peppers (pictured here) to get the seeds. Some folks just save a few seeds from their preparing jalapenos. But I want my seeds to get all the nutrition they can from the fruit within which they developed. The more mature the seeds, the better chance at a successful germination, anyway.

Each pepper makes as many as hundreds of seeds apiece, so I'm certain I'll have enough to work with for myself, and plenty to share with friends too. I'm even considering starting a few seedlings as gifts. Jiffy pots and soil are fairly cheap and I'm going to have WAY more than I need. It seems a shame to waste them all. If nobody accepts them, I'll drop them in a nearby creek and who knows, perhaps a few will sprout wild somewhere downstream. But I'm pretty sure someone around here will want them. They might even sell for a buck a seedling down at the local farmer's market.

Anyway, after the peppers dry, I'll pull the seeds out then, rather than taking the seeds out while the jalapenos are still fresh. Dry seeds are so much easier to work with, as opposed to drying the seeds themselves. Just as soon as the peppers dry, I'll be back with an update on the steps for a good planting. Thanks for dropping in!

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