Oct 24, 2012

Why most people can't be the boss or work for themselves

Years back, I was told a story explaining why most people can't handle being the boss or working for themselves. In fact, when most people assume the boss has an easier job, they don't really know what they're saying and are just whining. I hope you enjoy it:

There was once a potato farmer who had a small crew of workers on his farm. Most of them did a decent job and earned their pay, farming being so much work and all. One day, the farmer took on a new hand who said he desperately needed work.

For the first month, the new hand was amazing. He did the work of any two hands. Although the other hands resented him somewhat, the old farmer just loved him. He secretly wished he had ten men just like him. But the resentment from the other hands grew to being a problem.

Well, the farmer didn't want to let such a good worker go. He decided to simply put this excellent worker into a new, easier job, to reward his good work ethic.

The farmer told the hand, “I have a new job for you. It's much easier.” The hand was happy to hear it as the farmer continued, “All I need you to do is work here in the barn sorting potatoes as they come in. You decide whether they're small, medium or large and separate them into the appropriate bin.”

The worker seemed happy for the new opportunity and set right away to work. The farmer was pleased to do right by such a good worker.

But within the first couple of hours, the hand stormed out of the barn yelling, “I QUIT! DECISIONS! DECISIONS! DECISIONS!”

And that's why most people can't stand being the boss. Decisions.

Have a wonderful day.

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