Nov 2, 2012

Why I want Officer Christopher Webb of the New Mexico State Police fired, now

COMMENTARY | According to a lawsuit reported on the Smoking Gun, Officer Christopher Webb, a member of New Mexico State Police's Motor Transportation Police Division, tasered a10-year-old during career day at his school, for saying he didn't want to wash the officer's patrol car. But that's not the only reason I want him fired. 

And I also don't just want him fired for his arrogance and his abuse of power in trying to intimidate a little kid, for having given an honest answer by the very act of pointing a taser and saying, “Let me show you what happens to people who do not listen to the police,” as if he didn't like the kid not acting like a good, boot-licking servant, like all of his dumb kid friends. It's not just his being an armed abuser on a power-trip that has me wanting him fired.

As well, I don't just want Officer Christopher Webb fired from his position of public trust for failing to offer medical assistance to the unconscious child, instead choosing to take the boy to the restroom to “clean him up,” which causes me a very strong suspicion Officer Christopher Webb was more than likely hoping to revive the little guy, in hopes of keeping himself out of trouble.

No, those aren't the only reasons I want Officer Hogg – I mean Officer Chris Webb fired. I also want him fired because in his report to his superiors, he lied through his nasty, gritty, fecal-matter-covered teeth about the incident, as also revealed by the Smoking Gun website. And if an armed idiot like Officer Christopher Webb - member of New Mexico State Police's Motor Transportation Police Division - will lie in a situation involving the health and safety of an innocent 10-year-old kid, he is undeserving of the trust placed upon him by the public, when dealing with the less desirable members of society. How many other situations has he chosen to tell lies in during his career?

I'm not one of these people who feels that no cop is a good cop. I've had my ass pulled out of the fire – so to speak – on more than one occasion by a couple of the finest, bravest men I've ever met, which we all know as a “police officer.” I have family members and friends working in law enforcement in a variety of capacities. I don't hold a grudge against police, in general. In the right situations, they're the first people I call. I'm like many millions of other Americans, in that I trust the average law enforcement officer with my life.

But Officer Christopher Webb, of the Motor Transportation Police Division under the New Mexico State Police does not deserve our trust, for every reason listed above – one atop the other - especially his willingness to lie in order to cover his own ass. That's truly not acceptable.

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1 Whaddya Think?:

Anonymous said...

he's a basturd. my husband drove a truck for a living. this basturd gave him a speeding ticket which he lied about and my husband lost his job and that basturd keeps his job after tasing a kid. I want him fired to!

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