Mar 4, 2011

How to make our own miracles: Bring my kids and I back together

The purpose and goal of building this blog is to secure my own position as a writer for the general public. I hope to entertain, inform, amuse, or even anger you, the reader. Above all, I strive to be a “good read,” and if you enjoy anything of mine here, I am truly honored.

The purpose of being an established, well-read writer, is to provide for my own living in even the economically depressed area of Northwestern Pennsylvania, and be able to see my kids. I just need to be a part of their lives. They've told me they need me.

So, for each reader who visits this post, please send at least three more people by this link, after you also join me as a follower. I promise never to get too preachy, as long as you promise to read. I'm not offering anything for help, other than to be the best contributor for you,as possible. At the very least, please at least link me from your blog. Tell me who you are in a comment, and I'll link back to you, reciprocating your efforts. Fair?

Yet, were you to only help me by sharing me with just three others, who go on to do the same, in the next half hour, this dream could be attained within the next day. Would you/Could you do just that for a stranger? Would you share a blog posting with a few others, in order to help a man provide? The reading is absolutely free to you. There is nothing to cancel.

The goal here is simple: Were each visitor to this page,to become a follower, and then share us with just three others who do exactly the same, within just the next half-hour, The goal of finding one million readers will be reached in only one day! For some reason, I know it won't happen in one day. I just call it, the “reality factor.” BUT, were each visitor here to merely share us with just three others who do the same, this dream, maybe my only prayer,would occur – thanks to you.

In order to be sure to reach the three others you'd need to make this work, I'd suggest you share it wit “everyone” on social networking like Facebook, three times minimum.

In doing this, you're helping one man earn his way through life. Your readership is how I desire to earn my own keep,and provide for those who count on me. The more successful this turns out to be, the more I'm going to need to hire others as well. Passing this along isn't just helping me to build my own “dream come true,” but that of several others, also.

In this economy, if you can help just one man pioneer a new business-model, and it helps so many others, all while entertaining you, why would you NOT be a part? Please. Thank you! grin

1 Whaddya Think?:

D said...

It's easy to share. Link to me, and I'll link back to you,when you comment who you are.

Thank you.

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