Mar 5, 2011

Another Rainy Day is Fine!

Another Rainy Day is Fine!
Those Storms Aren't the Sky

Those stormy clouds of Life they hide
The stars at night and skies of blue.
Then, whichever way they will, they shift,
To let the sun so shine on you.

Be it for a second more (Still
Is it not your dream come true
To stand and feel the light so warm
To stand and stare into the blue

Sky that holds your dreams aloft?).
Still, as I live, and wonder who
I will become in times of change
After letting go of you,

I understand those shrouds of dark
And tempest tossed within my mind,
Are only water vapors...mists. And soon
They'll move to show the light behind.

(Watch me lose all my forget-me-nots.
I only got what's only due.
May the day now help you to see clear
The way to finally forgive me too.)

Originally published on the Yahoo Contributor Network, on August 29, 2008.

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